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During the first year White Orchid Interiors opened its doors, only a handful of homes were staged and sold. Those early staging projects provided an incredible learning experience and felt like a great accomplishment. We worked diligently to create a brand and personality for White Orchid Interiors and build on our positive momentum. The first twenty home staging projects really assisted in that process. As a company and home staging team, we dreamed big and were cognizant that slow and steady growth would yield more productivity in the long run. We built processes around customer service and high quality outcomes and we are thrilled that our patience and persistence has paid off.

More than eight years later, we are staging approximately twenty homes per week in the Denver Metro Area. We have grown our staff to reflect a family of dedicated employees that work collaboratively to provide the highest quality staging services offered in Colorado and beyond. Through open and effective communication with our team, our clients are able to alleviate stress of unsold properties sitting vacant. We provide an incredible transformation of those properties into real estate gems that sell in an average of days rather than months. Since we opened our doors in 2006, White Orchid Interiors has staged over $1 billion in real estate and we are now staging more than $250 million in real estate each year.

This image reflects Denver Metro properties successfully staged and sold in collaboration with White Orchid Interiors this past year. We are proud of our team and their commitment to serving customers in the process of preparing a home for sale. We would be honored to help you turn your home staging project into a White Orchid Interiors dot on the map.

White Orchid Interiors Staged and Sold Homes for post

Posted: September 29, 2014

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