Sold on Home Staging

Sold on Home Staging

It has been an exciting real estate selling season for the White Orchid Interior Design Team. Many of our staged homes have sold in a matter of days after staging. Many of our staged homes have received multiple offers and have sold for their asking price. Home staging is an essential component in the real estate sales process, especially in today’s difficult economic environment.

We often encounter real estate brokers and homeowners, frustrated because their home has been on the market for many months and they have not received a single offer. A compelling price reduction or the ongoing carrying costs associated with maintaining a home are typically far greater than the costs for home staging. The National Association of Realtors indicates that homes that are not staged sell for 10 percent less than homes that are staged. Assuming a price of $300k for a middle market home, that is a big number.

We provide cost effective home staging solutions for homes in any price point. For most vacant properties in the $300k price range, our home staging services would cost less than $1,000 from start to finish, including one month of furniture rental. Even if the home remained on the market for several months, the total cost to stage the property would not likely exceed $2,000 including four months of furniture rental – a far greater return on investment than a $30,000 price reduction.

For more information on our affordable home staging services, please contact the White Orchid Interior Design Team to Get Staged.

Posted: September 28, 2011

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