Lauren and John Matthews

Team Profile: Lauren & John Matthews

Lauren Matthews opened the door to her Denver home one night in 2006 and expressed her desire to start a home staging company. She had spent her life to that point as a Colorado mountain girl turned professional road cyclist and alpine ski racer and felt confident this would be her next path. Her husband, John, reacted with, “That’s great. What is home staging?” In no time, John and Lauren ventured into a world that was new and they did so as a team. In 2006, White Orchid Interiors was born from Lauren’s passion for providing exceptional staging services for upper end properties, a niche where very few solutions were available for clients.

Lauren and John’s vision for building a successful staging company from the ground up took a new turn when 6 years later, White Orchid Interiors, staging 100 plus properties per year in Colorado, transitioned to serve clients in Newport Beach, California. In addition to their two company offices operating in Colorado and California, White Orchid is beginning exciting, unchartered waters of matching clients with staging providers in Miami, Florida. Together, Lauren and John plan to expand across the country with their unique and sophisticated home staging business model.

If you ask Lauren what facet of her job she enjoys most, she would respond with her passion for creating beautiful interior outcomes that transform properties and help sell homes quickly. She’s constantly anticipating reactions from clients when they see a home White Orchid has staged and smiles when they report back on how quickly the home sold. She and John have put an incredible amount of emphasis on providing exceptional customer service and searching for creative solutions to serve clients in any way possible. While a majority of her time is spent devoted to her business, Lauren still creates opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors with John and her young son. Lucky for her, life in Southern California is ideal for trail running, paddle boarding and hitting the open road with her Ducati motorcycle. She has an affinity for filet mignon with sautéed vegetables, scalloped potatoes and a glass of red wine.

John worked as a corporate financial analyst while finishing his MBA at the University of Denver when Lauren announced her new career path. He has grown to love the business Lauren dreamed up and gets satisfaction from creating and building something new. He says, “It’s a nonstop process of launching and learning and fine turning. That carries over into everything: our products, our customer service, our marketing and brand development, building a team, creating new technology, etc. We have an incredible team and every single person plays a vital role. We’re all interdependent and collaborative. No matter how much we grow from Colorado to California and beyond, I’m dedicated to keeping our culture fun, exciting and collaborative.”

Like Lauren, John loves the great outdoors. You’ll find him at the beach, on the running trail, enjoying California water sports and relaxing poolside. He makes time for traveling and exploring new places and ensures that music is an important part of life for their family and young son with concerts and shows of all different genres on the calendar. John could spend the rest of his life on a private island if there was good quality Mexican food to keep him company… that and the entire music catalog from Death Cab for Cutie.

Posted: September 16, 2014

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